Words of Wisdom from Hans Van Ripper

Hans Van Ripper

the gruff and endlessly engaging Hans Van Ripper (Jonathan Rion Bethea) – Charged.fm Magazine

Enjoy the wisdom of Hans Van Ripper – a man who’s seen a thing or two …

Wisdom # 1:  Are you lost in the Hollow?

Wisdom #2:You feel certain that there are spirits, ghosts that walk through Tarrytown?


Wisdom #3: And yet, you have no problem walking through the hollow at night?


Wisdom #4: Following your own advice – True love is always worth waiting for – you ended up alone

Wisdom #5: How’s that for poetic?

See Jonathan Rion Bethea in Sleepy Hollow at the Players Theatre – NYC

The Headless Horseman Rides Again This Fall

Sleepy Hollow returns to the Players Theatre
September 20 – November 9, 2014

“A musical adaptation of Irving’s 1820 tale, this show also explores another darkness: that of the human heart. those old enough to miss telling scary campfire stories will find pleasant chills here, and something to think about, too. Ms. Bell has imaginatively fleshed out these figures, creating distinctive voices. (Irving gave them almost no dialogue.) And Mr. Sgouros, a percussion specialist, has had fun with the story’s possibilities, adding the solemnity of a cello and conjuring eerie noises by applying a violin bow to a vibraphone’s side.”
– the New York  Times