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Jackie Barrett – Psychic Medium and Spiritualist to Conjure Spirit of Washington Irving after Nov 2 Performance of Hollow

Following the 5pm November 2nd performance of Hollow the musical at The Players Theatre,  Jackie Barrett – Psychic Medium and Spiritualist will attempt to conjure the spirit of Washington Irving.  Audience members who attend the performance will be offered the opportunity to stay for the experience and see if Mr. Irving would like to comment on the musical based on his 1820 book, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Ms. Barrett, who has visited the Players Theatre many times, has experienced numerous spirit sightings while attending productions at the historic Off-Broadway theatre on MacDougal Street.  She fully expect to have participation from several resident spirits on November 2nd.  ”the spirits at the Players Theatre are very happy with the shows the theatre has presented” remarked Ms.  Barrett.

Tickets for Saturday Nights performance of Hollow can be purchased at:


Jackie Barrett

Jackie Barrett

Read Jackie Barrett’s Bio:


For more than 24 years, Jackie Barrett has been a psychic medium.  Recently, she added reality TV show favorite and #1 best-selling author to her list of credentials.  She has clients all over the world, including celebrities in the music & entertainment industries, politicians, socialites, and professional athletes.

Jackie’s amazing ability to communicate with the dead and guide the living has propelled her into the spotlight and earned her the title as the guardian angel of New Orleans.  Jackie’s remarkable efforts with the Red Cross and the Jackie Barrett Foundation have raised millions of dollars, and her compassion has earned her a great deal of respect, enabling her to help thousands of people from diverse backgrounds.

In late 2007, Jackie was chosen to compete in America’s Psychic Challenge, a reality show on the Lifetime Network, which put psychics from all over the U.S. through a number of grueling tests.  She rocked her competition, and finished a close second, although fans and critics were outraged and thought she should have won.  She is currently  the star of her own TV  show Medium P.I. where she and Sean Crowley Captain of cold case homicide of NYPD help to solve cold cases on A&E channel.

Bonded by several DA’s across the country, she has worked with America’s Most Wanted, and donates her time to assisting the police in solving cold case files across the country.  She was recently issued a Captain’s badge from NYC Police Captain Sean Crowley for her work on a case.  Jackie also holds an FBI badge for her work with them as well.

Jackie’s unique ability  is dated back to over 400 years of psychic medium’s and occult specialist in her family.  Hollywood producers often call upon Jackie for her insight to provide guidance on special projects.  She is also a consultant to paranormal groups and their events, was an acclaimed reality show producer for Fangoria TV, AE TV  and is a well-known TV personality.

Jackie has conducted paranormal investigations in the most haunted of sites throughout America, such as the Eastern State Penitentiary, Castle Inn, Lizzie Borden B&B, Liberace House in Las Vegas, Queen Mary, Jackie has also conducted paranormal investigations in such places as Marilyn Monroe’s home, Vogue Theatre, Houdini’s Mansion, Roosevelt Hotel and many more. Jackie is most sought after for her unique séances where she allows the guest to directly communicate with the contacted spirit, instead of the traditional séance where only the medium will make contact with the spirit.  Jackie has performed her séances all over the world – from art galleries in NYC to a live séance on Sirius Satellite Radio.  Her séances bring participants to tears, and invoke emotions beyond all expectations. Jackie’s latest novel The Devil I Know published by Berkley is this year’s hottest true crime novel.  Jackie’s next highly anticipated book The Haunting Of The Gemini about Jackie’s experience with one of the NYC’s zodiac killers victims.

Jackie is also the author of a #1 best selling book, The House That Kay Built. http://www.thehousethatkaybuilt.com.

Media Appearances Include:
MY Decision –  East Pleasant Pictures
Berkley Publishing- The Devil I Know
Medium P.I. ( AE TV)
Access Hollywood
Scrying MOMA ballet Juiia Stoscheck Collection-  Dedicated to Jackie Barrett
Amityville – The Last Testament ( AE TV )
America’s Psychic Challenge (Lifetime TV)
E! Entertainment Television
WE TV’s Secret Lives of Women
Damien Echols- art Committee
 Named Honorary Ambassador of Singapore
New York Times
New York Post
New York Daily News
The New Yorker Magazine
Broadway.com with Broadway Credits attributed
Blender Magazine
A&E, Perfectly Strange
Sirius Satellite Radio
AM New York
Fangoria Magazine
Fangoria TV
Television Of Spain
WB News – Gold 33 Las Vegas
Fuji Television Network- Wake-Up TV
Virgin Mega Store Book Signing – The House That Kay Built
Tower Records Book Signing – The House That Kay Built
ArtForum Magazine
Paranormal Crossroads Magazine

Fangoria TV- Ghost Stories EVP
Greenline Newspaper
X- Zone Radio
Beyond Investigation Magazine & Radio/ Documentary DVD
Creepycast Podcast
Magick Mind Radio
Create Magazine
National Journal
Long Beach Press Telegram
Metro Newspaper

Travel Channel Hidden City- Crime Novelist Marcus Sakey Show Hidden City had Jackie Barrett as occult expert on the show regarding the Son Of Sam
Multi-State radio tour with John Burke

Haunting Of The Gemini-  a first person account of  Jackie Barrett’s  connection to New York Zodiac killer Eddie Seda and one of his victims, due out 2013 published by Berkley world rights.